Free as the wind blows,

Leashed by paper, concrete, steel,

The sun sets on dreams.



(Image © Benjamin Anderson 2014)


Small Blessings, Big Wonders

Every day I have woken up in the magical city of Barcelona, located in the extraordinary world that we call “earth”, I’ve felt brand new. Like a baby captivated by the ordinary, I am awed by small things that in aggregate create an existence that is inspiring beyond the limits of imagination. Whether it’s the cooling, gentle sea breeze that whispers through the elegant palms on my walk home, or the people and animals all frolicking harmoniously together in the park on a clear, Mediterranean fall day; I am reminded of all the blessing bestowed upon me. These blessings, big and small, amount to something wondrous.

When I see what many small things can become, I extrapolate that concept to my purpose and vision; I imagine what small daily achievements can make my long-term accomplishments spectacular. Perhaps this is why expectations are sometimes met, but other times, they are positively shattered. It’s good to set goals, but I refuse to subscribe to the belief that a goal is a limit.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.

– Mother Teresa

(Image © Benjamin Anderson 2014)