Throughout life’s journey, I aim to contribute a net surplus to society and its future. I value life’s lessons and experiences, and seek to maximize the benefits of education and experience by formulating the right questions, thorough analysis, and application. I’m a dedicated and inspired person, deriving much of my passion from my affinity for learning, self-improvement, and empathy for others. I’m more interested in learning how to think rather than to increase knowledge in general because, when you’re a thinker, you will have the ability to anticipate and solve problems that haven’t yet arisen and other unforeseen phenomena.

I enjoy applying my skills in economics, business, and entrepreneurship to policy challenges for the improvement of markets, and the strategic long-term betterment of all parties involved, including individual welfare and consumer markets, labor markets, and competitive, sustainable production markets. I enjoy analyzing individual incentives using behavioral mechanisms and multidisciplinary insights, and juxtapose short-run incentives with long-term efficiency and sustainability in the context of corporations, government institutions, and NGO’s.


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